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Incredible Client Transformations:

Suzy (38) overcame 7 years of bloating & digestive issues, and became free of stress

Suzy is 38 and owns a beauty salon. She had been suffering from digestive issues and bloating for years. After meals she looked like 6 months pregnant. Within two weeks on the LBA program her bloating was gone and she saw remarkable changes in her digestion.

"I was quite stressed but Nik taught me how to calm, meditate and listen to my body and now I feel fantastic. Even customers tell me I am look and act different, it's like I released this heavy weight off my shoulder."

Susie (50) lost 12 kilos and 60 cms and rocked her little black dress for her 50th birthday

Susie is a full-time mom of 4 kids.
She felt mentally and physically depleted, her body was puffy and the extra weight she was carrying was affecting her confidence, mood and her marriage. She wanted to be the best version of herself again and look and feel great for her 50th birthday.

"I was surprised at how much fat I lost! Nik has a wealth of knowledge and she really cares."

Kirsteen (53) lost her belly fat, 2 dress sizes, gone down 10 kilos, and regained her energy. 

Kirsteen full-time nurse and mum of 4 was struggling with her weight, mood and lack of energy. No matter what she did nearly fell asleep her way to work.

"All of the sudden my stomach disappeared!
I lost 2 dress sizes and 10 kilos, and my digestion has improved so much. My skin became so much clearer, it's like velvet.
Following the program was so easy! Within a week we were all eating the same food at home.
Even the way I approach problems in life has changed just by doing this program."

Linda (38) within 2 weeks her clothes felt loser, she lost 5 kilos and toned up 

Linda was struggling with extreme fatigue, Coeliac disease and digestive problems. She wanted more energy and to feel confident in a bikini.

Within 2 weeks her energy was back, her clothes started to feel loser and her body was toning up. Now she feels amazing and happy in a bikini.

"Within 2 weeks my clothes felt loser. I have so much more confidence than before, it's amazing!
I used to crave chocolate and wine and I don't even need them anymore to fix a bad day, I just crave healthy food."

Hey Beautiful,

I'm Nik Toth, a women’s Mind-Body Transformation Coach, Nutrition Therapist, NLP Mindset Coach, Fitness Expert, and Yoga Teacher. She helps busy women lose weight and keep it off where diets have failed / Where diets have failed, she takes the guesswork and stress out of it for you. She specializes in helping high achieving women over 40 finally lose the stubborn weight, reclaim their energy, and confidence through her unique and proven holistic system.
Breaking the paradigm of the one-size fit all weight loss industry standards - Nik uses a combination of Elite Mindset Mastery, Hormone Reset Pathway + Unique Body Blueprint exercises to take out the guesswork and help women lose 8-12 kilos by resetting the body from the inside out.  
Better known as The Lean Body Coach, Nik has developed her own unique Lean Body System that unites a mind-body-DNA approach to help women reclaim their energy, slim waistline and finally achieve lasting results that keep so many high achieving women from feeling confident in their clothes and sexy in their own skin.
After struggling with her own health and relationship to food, Nik now teaches women how to make the right choices for their unique body and to make the mindset shift that’s necessary to thriving, feeling lean and maintaining their results for life. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, PopSugar, Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine, Cosmopolitan Bride, Inspired Coach and more. You can learn more about Nik at

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